Nici White World At Delves Wood Bears

It’s arrived, Nici super cool range of polar bears and seals (White World) is now in stock at Delves Wood Bears!

Nici White World
Featuring plush dangling and lying polar bears and seals. In addition there’s a totally adorable polar bear & seal couple, polar bear hot water bottle, seal hot water bottle and polar bear money bank. The dangling Nici polar bears are available in 25cm, 35cm, 50cm, 80cm and 120cm sizes.

The lying Nici seals are available in 25cm, 35cm, 50cm and 80cm sizes.

The lying polar bears are available in 20cm, 30cm and 50cm sizes.

Nici Good Morning Buddy 
We’ve also just received Buddy. He is a cuddly dalmatian soft toy with a twist. He has an alarm clock on his tummy. When the alarm sounds he plays the well-known song “Who let the dogs out?”, wiggles his ears and does some cool moves to the rhythm of the music. Wake up with style with Good Morning Buddy!


Check out our video on YouTube.

Until next time…

About Delves Wood Bears

Delves Wood Bears is an online retailer of teddy bears, soft toys and baby gifts, from brands like Gund, Nici, Trendle Bears and many more.
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